When It Comes to Pouches, Our PouchTec Team Knows Their Stuff.

bio3Bob Jones


Email: bjones@pouchtec.com

I am an Evangelist for pouches.

I am a cheerleader, referee and coach for our company and our employees. I am a genuine believer that flexible packaging is the superior solution in nearly every application that comes along. Purity protection, package functionality, graphic impact; pouches offer it all.

I have had both the pleasure and privilege to be part of some of the most innovative and significant food and beverage products launched in pouches in the last 20 years. I’ve had 24+ years of experience in building from the ground up and helping lead when pouch packaging was just making its entrance to the North American Market. Now it’s become the fastest-growing package modality available.

Patti VonderHaar

Quality Assurance Manager

Phone: 320-968-4868 ext. 218
Email: pvonderhaar@pouchtec.com 

My sense of satisfaction comes from knowing that when I come to work I can make a difference—not just a living.

With almost 30 years in food production, I have obtained numerous certifications and have used that expertise to help PouchTec in their mission of “meeting customer expectations – every time.” It is a mission of on-going and continuous improvement. I am proud to be a part of the future of flexible packaging within PouchTec Industries, LLC.


  • Quality Assurance Manager – HACCP Team Leader – Trainer
  • USDA Accredited HACCP Training, Certified Advanced HACCP Training
  • FDA HACCP Certified
  • SQF Implementation and Auditing Certified
  • Food Manager Certified by the MN Dept. of Agriculture
  • Attended Better Process Control School – University of Minnesota
  • Practical Food Microbiology, Office of Continuing Professional Education, Rutger’s University

Brad Delano

Sales National Accounts

Phone: 1-800-800-2038 or 320-818-3635
Email: Brad.Delano@kentww.com

Why be good when you can be great?

In 20 years of working to provide the best customer experience, I have never been able to influence and benefit so many people.  What KPFG/PouchTec provides its customers is quality and peace of mind.  But as one digs deeper there is ownership in the quality and service that each employee contributes to each pouch.

As I travel around the country and represent KPFG/PouchTec’s services in the liquid food and beverage space, I get to help change the industry through packaging innovation and fun flavor profiles.

A great company with a stellar reputation makes getting up each day exciting!


  • Private Pilot
  • 20 years of B to B National Sales
  • National Accounts Manager
  • 2 beautiful children and a wife who stands beside me

bio2Karmen O’Bando

Sales Associate and Project Coordinator

Phone: 320-968-4868 ext. 215
Email: kobando@pouchtec.com

Every day at PouchTec brings something new and dynamic.

With over 24 years of experience in customer service, I know that we don’t exist without our customers. There is a satisfaction of working with our customers to bring ideas from concept to fruition. I am privileged to have expanded my customer service and sales skills within the flexible packaging food industry over the past 10 years.


  • David A. Koch Award Recipient
  • Attended Better Process Control School – University of Minnesota
  • HACCP trained
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