Pouching Keeps Our Blood Pumping.

Discover our flexible food & liquid packaging company.

PouchTec Industries, LLC is a North American contract food and liquid packaging company specializing in flexible stand-up pouches. We’re based in Foley, Minnesota, where our 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility produces up to 285 million pouches annually.

We use our 24+ years of pouching experience to improve product quality and packaging options for the benefit of our customers. Over the years, we’ve repeatedly advanced the potential for flexible pouch packaging in the United States. We’ve accomplished major national launches in never-before-seen packaging for some of the largest multi-national food and beverage companies in the world—brands you’ll find in every supermarket across the country.

Our talented team is the reason why we’re so successful at what we do. They scale, formulate and customize our pouches based on the needs of brand owners and customers. When it comes to our pouching process, we always make sure you come first.

The sky’s the limit.

We’re continually innovating and pushing the boundaries of pouching. What others see as roadblocks, we see as nothing more than hurdles on the course to a new accomplishment. We’ve redesigned, re-engineered and rebuilt equipment to successfully create packages envisioned by customers that others said were impossible. The entire pouch industry, including competing food packaging companies, has benefitted from our innovations—and we’re proud of that.

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