We Pack Goodness into Our Pouches.

Our wide assortment of food packaging equipment helps us produce a variety of pouches.

Our food packaging equipment gives us the capability to produce 285 million pouches a year.

That’s not just a lot of pouches—that’s a lot of packaging lines involved in creating those pouches. We employ multiple fillers, processors and tunnels to fill our pouches with quality product:

  • 14 fillers
    • 7 form, fill and seal machines
    • 3 premade fitment machines
    • 3 premade non-fitment machines
    • 1 vertical stick pack machine
  • 7 thermal processors
  • 4 post-fill pasteurization tunnels
  • Post-fill cooling conveyors


Envato HQ

Pouchtec Industries, LLC.

347 Glen Street, Foley, MN 56329

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