We Give Shape To Goodness.

Our flexible packaging company leads the industry in innovation.

Our pouches are inspired by you.

When we create our pouches, we make them with your product in mind. From concept to research and development to the production floor, we draw, design and produce flexible packaging that will meet the specific needs of your product, no matter what the volume or viscosity. We offer a wide variety of pouch types, fill options and special services:

  • Hot fill, ambient fill and blend
  • Post-fill cook and post-fill cool
  • Viscous products
  • Non-viscous products
  • Die-cut shaped pouches
  • Pre-made stand-up spouted pouches
  • Pre-made stand-up non-spouted pouches
  • Form, fill and seal stand-up non-spouted pouches
  • Form, fill and seal 3- or 4-side pillow pouches
  • Form, fill and seal spouted pouches
  • Custom formulations and package development
  • Patented shapes
  • Patented formulae/processes
  • Modified atmosphere (nitrogen flush)

Contact us or call us at 1.800.800.2038 for more information about our pouches.

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